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HAENZ 1929 – 1998


At the tender age of 6, my father taught me everything there was to know about leather. How it was tanned, and which hides were best. He made shoes for special and discerning clients. His love for the trade became the greatest inspiration to all of us. .


“It felt like there was a higher power involved with all of this.” I grew up in an environment where I could take any design I wanted my own father would help improve it and tailor make it to my needs. This was an opportunity few people had so I was fortunate and knew how to take advantage of it..


The Fundation

Carol Leiva has always been committed to helping children in the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The foundation’s policies promote the inclusion of single mothers into the workforce. We develop programs through the foundation Seeds of Life for Kids..

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The Gift

When I was very young, I got the chance to travel to Europe and I went to a Leather Goods Exhibition in Milan. Right then and there I knew my calling was shoes, almost like an obsession, like a collector. Shoes were works of art if you will, that you use only on special occasions. Why not make each occasion unique and special where you would definitely not pass unnoticed.

Sobre medidas

I started off with a small boutique with a minimalistic concept. We had some samples exhibited but our shoes were made only on request and tailormade to each client. Something that was different and necessary at the moment clicked; custom design. Our products were made on request and handmade for people with a demanding taste who wanted personalized and cutting-edge designs.

The secret

We would make a mold by hand for each client and then register it in a database. With that info we would make the first prototype and run tests directly on the client’s foot until we mapped out the exact measurements and balance. This allowed us to make a unique pattern for each client.

El legado

Success was linked to three basic pillars we have always applied: Technological development. Constant awareness of our client’s real necessities. The union the experience and know-how of our senior artisans with the innovative and vanguard ideas our new talent has.

My father passed away on the 17th of February 1998 from an illness he had fought for many years. He worked up until his very last day because his work was his passion. He left us a great legacy. He also loved to share his passion and knowledge with many younger artisans throughout many decades. It’s no surprise that he had many students during the 70s, 80s, and 90s who became master artisans and successful businessmen all over the world in the fashion and Leather Goods industries.

Carol Leiva has been committed to important causes and supports the child population that is vulnerable and at high risk through foundations such as “seeds of life for kids”. We are also working very hard to develop projects that reunite older artisans to their craft.

New entrepreneurial initiatives must preserve the priceless historical legacy of traditional artisans. In a world, that is unfortunately losing this knowledge we must protect it. Overflowing fast fashion consumption and disposable products the fashion industry has created puts these traditions ar risk.

This Project is dedicated to our beloved father, grandfather, mentor, artisan, master artist. We want to proudly follow and maintain his incredible legacy by keeping his art, his hours of dedication, his history, his life alive to share with the world for many years to come.